About Us

Our mission is to define your day, transform your tomorrow and enhance your future, because we know that life begins when you Go STUDIO.

At Studiomakeup we look to give cosmetics lovers, influencers and makeup artists the tools they need for today to transform their tomorrow.

Believe that life begins just outside your comfort zone. Always be passionate and onward looking, live in the moment while knowing the best is yet to come. Be a dreamer and a doer, social yet independent and embrace the cosmopolitan attitude.

Here at STUDIOMAKEUP, we believe professional beauty doesn’t have to come with a professional price tag. That’s why our goal is to always be the most inclusive professional cosmetics brand.

Our professional products are sculpted by global trends. From the lively streets of Miami to the bright lights of Paris, our lines has a cosmopolitan flair that spans across all continents. Our collections are a fusion of trending colors, textures and advanced technologies from around the world. All of which are designed and tested by professional makeup artists to get you STUDIO ready.

The goal: to deliver a unique beauty experience, because that’s what happens when you Go STUDIO.



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